Welcome to Australia's leading - and most experienced - provider of nationally recognised LASER and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) training in the cosmetic and therapeutic field.
Our company, Laser Therapy & Natural Medicine Pty Ltd, trades under the name of Laser Therapy Centre. In 2003, we pioneered the development of Australia's first accredited short courses in:
  • LASER and IPL for hair reduction, vascular-pigmentation-scar treatments and photo rejuvenation; and
  • LASER Therapy integrated with acupuncture techniques for muscular-skeletal and dermatolical conditions.
Raising the training bar
In 2011, we raised the accredited training bar yet again with two new high-level courses that provide the most advanced light-based courses available under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). They are:
NRT_Logo.jpg - small1. The Vocational Graduate Diploma of LASER/Intense Pulsed Light/Radio Frequency for Hair Reduction and Dermal/Vein Treatments (91540NSW)
2. The Vocational Graduate Diploma of Laser Integrative Medicine with Acu-point Techniques (91551NSW)
These two high-level courses are graded at Level 8 under the Australian Qualifications Frameworkwork (AQF). They are exclusive to our training organisation and lead to the most advanced accredited
LASER/IPL training available in Australia.
Courses 91540NSW and 91551NSW were accredited by the NSW Vocational Education Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) under the Australian Quality Training Framework.
Both courses are aimed at health and beauty professionals who want to deliver a comprehensive range of treatments that are safe, effective and of the highest standard.

Course 91540NSW expands on the hair removal only units of competency provided in the SIB70110 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Hair Reduction offered in the SIB10 National Beauty Package.
The Vocational Graduate Diploma in Laser/IPL/RF provides training in the theoretical and clinical application of permanent hair reduction plus a far wider range of technologies and more advanced treatments, including:
  • Photo rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation
  • Veins
  • Tattoo removal.
Light-based devices used in this course include Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG and fractional lasers, IPL and RF.




Entry requirements

To enrol in the Vocational Graduate Diploma of Laser/IPL/RF for Hair Reduction & Dermal/Vein Treatments, individuals are required to meet entry requirements similar to those applying to SIB70110. They are:
  1. A relevant qualification at diploma level or above in medical/complementary health or beauty therapy/aesthetics, including the  study of human biology, anatomy and physiology;
  2. Significant and relevant vocational experience as a medical/complementary health practitioner or beauty therapist/aesthetician with a primary focus on providing dermal, body and health-related services; or
  3. Evidence of significant and relevant vocational experience relating to the application of human biology, anatomy and physiology knowledge in their respective field.
Exit Points

Learners who satisfactorily complete nine core units will be eligible to receive the Vocational Graduate Diploma.
Learners who satisfactorily complete the first five core units will receive the SIB70110 Vocational Graduate Certificate of Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Hair Reduction - the same qualification as that provided in the SIB10 Beauty Training Package.
A Statement of Attainment will be issued for completion of any one unit or an incomplete series of units.

Vocational Outcomes

Vocational outcomes of the course can lead to a career as a LASER/IPL/RF aesthetician or practice manager or provide a major skills boost for any health or beauty professional who wants to specialise in the treatment of a range of hair/dermal/vein disorders allied to their existing modality, such as general (medical) practice, registered nurse, beauty therapist, etc.

Employment Prospects

Qualified LASER/IPL/RF therapists have excellent employment prospects. And these are expected to grow as the use of light-based treatments becomes more common. Skilled therapists are much sought after by cosmetic/plastic surgeons, medical centres, natural therapy clinics and beauty clinics.

The high-level qualification also provides individuals with an opportunity to set up their own LASER/IPL/RF clinic with a high degree confidence.
Light-based devices used in the course include Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG, CO2 and fractional lasers, tattoo removal, IPL and radio frequency.
Expert Trainers

The Laser Therapy Centre's trainers are experts in the LASER field. Our Director of Studies, Meikin Li Rees, has been practising LASER Therapy since 1983. She has a string of LASER qualifications and is currently undertaking a double-blind randomised control trial to test the effectiveness of LASER medicine on osteoarthritis knee pain as part of doctorate studies in LASER Therapy with the University of Technology, Sydney.

Meikin specialises in aesthetic treatments and all aspects of the clinical application of medical grade and therapeutic LASER systems. She also integrates more than 20 years experience in LASER technology, Western science and body science with 5,000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture philosophy and techniques.
This enables her to improve different health imbalances, including cosmetic, musculoskeletal, dermatology, addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, gynaecology, immunity and emotional/depression imbalance. Using her integrated knowledge of healing internal imbalance, Meikin is able to provide aesthetic treatments that produce optimum effects.

Meikin is very passionate about research. To keep up to date with new and emerging technologies, she regularly attends overseas courses and international conferences around the world. She has been a guest speaker for a number of professional organisations, including the American Society of LASER Medicine, the Australian Association for Laser Therapy and the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.
For further details about the Vocational Graduate Diploma 91540NSW and 91551NSW, please telephone Meikin on (02) 9630 6388 or e-mail lasertherapy@tpg.com.au