Mission Statement

Our Vision

  • To set a benchmark for training in laser/pulsed light/light therapy and natural therapies.
  • To encourage wider application of laser/pulsed light/light medicine in the healthcare system.
  • To help laser/pulsed light practitioners develop and improve their skills in healthcare.
  • To be recognised internationally as a leader in laser/pulsed light/light medicine.
  • To link with international professional organisations promoting research and development of laser/
    pulsed light/light-based medicine.
  • To integrate the best holistic medicine from East and West and advocate their use now - and in the future.
  • To advance the safe clinical use of light-based therapies in health, medical and related fields both in Australia and overseas.

Our Mission

  • To promote laser/pulsed light/light therapy in the healthcare and medical systems for the benefit of all.
  • To provide advanced training in laser/pulsed light /integrative medicine and natural/beauty therapies.
  • To integrate laser/pulsed light/-based medicine with holistic medicine and acupuncture techniques.
  • To set a professional standard for the safe clinical practise of light therapy in health, medical and related systems.
  • To provide advice and input into setting and maintaining guidelines for the safe practise of laser/pulsed light /light medicine.
  • To encourage and support research into the clinical application of laser/pulsed light/light medicine.

Our Aim

  • To set a benchmark for the training of health, medical and related professionals seeking to further develop their skills in the safe clinical practise of light-based therapies