Quit smoking the drug-free way

Nicotine patches and gum making you sick, but still can't control the urge to light up?
Stop worrying. There is an alternative - and it works in more than nine out of 10 cases.

It's called Laser Integrative Medicine - and it provides a safe, drug-free way to stop smoking once and
for all.
Natural "feel good" chemicals in the body fall dramatically when smokers try to quit.

As withdrawal symptoms kick in, endorphins in the body drop, causing people to become stressed, tense
and irritable. In most cases, this leads to yet another cigarette and the smoking habit starts all over again.
Nicotine substitutres are not the answer. They merely replace the nicotine in tobacco with the nicotine 
in patches and gum at much the same cost.

Laser Integrative Medicine can end this destructive cycle. Our special laser counters these effects by
boosting endorphins in your body in a naturel, drug-free way. This helps reduce cravings for nicotine,
the addictive substance in tobacco, and provides a calming effect.
As nicotine levels in your body subside, our team provide support and dietary advice on ways to live a 
healthy smoke-free life.

Remember, quitting smoking can save your life and that of your loved ones. Passive smoking can kill people
around you as well as your self every time you light up.

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Dr Li Meikin Rees, PhD


Practitioner &

Director of Studies


Our Vision

  • To set a benchmark for training in LASERE/pulsed light/light therapy and natural therapies.
  • To encourage wider application of LASER/pulsed light/light medicine in the health care system.
  • To help LASER/pulsed light/light practitioners develop as specialists in the health care system.
  • To be recognised internationally as a specialist and a leader in LASER/pulsed light/light medicine.
  • To link with international professional organisations promoting research and development of LASER/
    pulsed light/light medicine.
  • To integrate the best wholistic medicine from East and West and advocate their use now - and in the future.
  • To advance the safe clinical use of light therapy in health, medical and related fields both in Australia and overseas.

Our Mission

  • To promote LASER/pulsed light/light therapy in the health care and medical systems for the benefit of all.
  • To provide advanced training in LASER/pulsed light /light medicine and natural/beauty therapy.
  • To integrate LASER/pulsed light/light medicine with holistic medicine and acupuncture techniques.
  • To set a professional standard for the safe clinical practise of light therapy in health, medical and related systems.
  • To provide advice and input into the setting and maintenance of guidelines for the safe practise of LASER/pulsed light /light medicine.
  • To encourage and support research into the clinical application of LASER/pulsed light/light medicine.

Our Aim

To set a benchmark for the training of health, medical and relatedprofessionals seeking to further develop their skills in the safe clinical practise of light therapy